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Rifle Scopes

Pistol Scopes

Red Dots

Spotting Scopes


Range Finders

Optic Accessories


Gun Care:

Cleaning Kits




Shooting Safety:

Ear Protection

Eye Protection




Many other miscellaneous items


We also offer:

Gun Cleaning Services

Sighting Services

Direct Dealers With:

General Info


We utilize multiple distributors to offer our customers the best selection of brands and models to order from at the best prices we can offer.  We strive to give our customers the best service and will do what we can to get you exactly what you want and need.


The process for ordering any item should be as follows.

Have an idea of you want,  call/email/message Hilltop Shooting Supplies with the item(s) you have in mind, we will respond as soon as possible with order availability and pricing.  If you decide you do want the item(s) you asked about, we will place the order and let you know when they're in and ready for pickup.

If a down payment is required, the payment will be made in person, face-to-face at the place of business prior to ordering the item.   


All firearm purchases are subject to a federal background check on a form 4473.  Any "delayed" or "denied" responses on the background check will be handled as needed.

"Delayed" responses require a maximum 3 business day wait, starting the next day, or, an alternate response from the FBI NICS background check services.

"Denied" responses will not allow Hilltop Shooting Supplies to continue with the transaction.  The customer will be provided with information to appeal the "denied" response.  If you choose not to appeal, we can sell the firearm on consignment. If this is not acceptable to you, we will consider the firearm abandoned.  If the firearm is considered abandoned, Hiltop Shooting Supplies reserves the right to possess and sell the firearm at no further recompense to the customer. 







See below for links that will allow you to browse some of the different manufacturers and products that we can order. Keep in mind, other distributors of ours have other products and manufacturers. Product availablitiy is not guaranteed.


Did you buy a transferable item somewhere else? Hilltop Shooting Supplies will transfer the item for you.

Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns - $20.00 per

NFA Items - $100.00 per

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